Privacy Policy

Wynright understands that your privacy is important to you. Wynright is committed to protecting the privacy of your personally-identifiable information as you use this Site. The scope of Wynrights commitment is described in this Privacy Policy. By submitting information, you agree to Wynrights use of such information as described herein.

Identifiable Information

Wynright collects personally-identifiable information on certain areas of the Site when users register, request publications or other information, sign up for conferences and events, apply for jobs, and participate in user posting areas (such as bulletin boards, discussion forums, or surveys). The identifiable information collected may consist of information that you provide, such as your name, mailing address, e-mail address, and telephone number. For recruiting purposes, the information collected may include any other personally-identifiable information that you include on your resume.

Wynright may use your personally-identifiable information to fulfill your requests for information, to process your requests to participate in events, to evaluate any job applications or other employment-related inquiries that you may submit, and for such other purposes as you may initiate or request. We may keep any of your personally-identifiable information on file and use it to contact you for recruiting purposes. Wynright also information to perform standard statistical analyses of user behavior in order to measure interest in specific areas and information posted on our Site. Wynright uses identifiable information collected from cookies and IP addresses as described below.

Registration, Newsletters, and Alerts

By signing up for any of our newsletters or alerts, you agree to receive on occasion other correspondence from Wynright. You will be contacted by e-mail or otherwise only by Wynright.

We may ask for your e-mail address for obtaining specific content from our Site. If you sign up to receive any of our newsletters, alerts, or surveys, you may on occasion receive other correspondence from Wynright. Your e-mail address will not be shared with any third party other than an agent who has agreed to send e-mails on our behalf.

The Site may also include a feature that enables Wynright to send links to its content through e-mail at our users' request. The e-mail address that you supply in connection with this service will be used only to send the requested content. They will not be stored or reused for any purpose.

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